Current Obsession: Kate Spade AND Foxes?!

Something that not many people know about me is that I am obsessed with foxes. So obsessed that I actually asked my boyfriend if we could get a fox instead of a dog…. The answer was a strong no. Any time my friends see anything that involves foxes, they send it my way. My friend Caroline even got me fox earrings for my birthday one year! This love of foxes has now become a popular trend and I don’t hate it. Kate Spade actually has an entire fall line featuring foxes, and when I found out I was super excited! Here are my top 3 favorites from the new Kate Spade collection!

Wild One Watch

Kate Spade Fox Watch

This is on the top of my wish list- it’s perfect! The small fox detail is absolutely adorable. The watch is classic Kate Spade style, which makes it even more perfect!


iPhone Case

Kate SpadeFox iPhone Case

If I had an iPhone 6 I would get this case. It’s simple but still foxy and cute! This may actually be a good enough excuse to upgrade my phone…


 Zip-Around Wallet

Kate Spade Fox Wallet

I am always looking for a new wallet and this one is adorable! Perfect for putting in your tote or you can just carry it while showing it off!


Emily Riane