iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have

If you’re anything like me or any other millennial, then you probably always have your iPhone in hand. I hate to admit it but I am somewhat actually really addicted to my phone. I use to it obviously to keep in contact with my friends, play games, check social media/waste time and even use it for my job. Amidst the many apps and multi tasking, I have some go-to apps that I think everyone should download ASAP!

FaceTune // FaceTune is actually the only app I have ever spent money on. It cost $4.99 in the app store, but it’s definitely worth the small investment. It’s super great for smoothing something out, or bringing more detail to something in a photo. It has great filters and little tweaking tools to make sure your photo is social media ready!

Spotify // I am not a fan of the radio, I hate commercials and I’m more of a “I want it now” kind of girl. That mentality applies to my music as well. I pay monthly for Spotify {through Spotify not through Apple}, and it’s totally worth it. You can listen to any song, any time, even if you don’t have wifi. It’s super worth the splurge if you’re travelling a lot or just love music, but don’t want to spend money on every single song you purchase!

FlipBoard // This app is essentially a collection of magazines and news sources tailored to you interests. You can subscribe to as many topics as you’d like, and they’re all sent to the same place, your dashboard. You won’t have to wait to read about the latest news on Twitter or Facebook because chances are the story will hit your Flipboard just as fast!

Poshmark // Now that i’m becoming a “real” adult, cleaning out my closet has lately been a more recurring event. I always donate and sell some of my clothes. Poshmark is super easy to use to sell clothing, and there’s tons of great deals on a lot of designer clothes/accessories! You can shop my closet here!

TwoDots // I am embarrassingly, extremely addicted to TwoDots! It’s a game similar to Candy Crush, but it’s all dots (duh). Every level is different and there are weekly challenges that make it all the more fun!  I even got my boyfriend to play it so now he shares the addiction with me. The only thing I wish were different is that I definitely need more than 5 lives…

Duolingo // This is an app that makes learning a language fun. The best part is you can start from using the app with no prior knowledge of a language. Although I am pretty much fluent in French, there are words or grammatical rules that sometimes slip my mind. Playing around on Duolingo helps me brush up on my French in a fun way!

Fitbit // I recently got a Fitbit fitness tracker and I’m in love. I can count my steps, calories burned, and track my sleep. I used to use the iPhone health app to track my steps, but it’s not so helpful when you don’t have your phone with you every time you walk somewhere. I could spend all day walking and it would say I walked 100 steps the entire time! On the Fitbit app, I can challenge my friends and earn badges, which gives me more motivation!

Emily Riane