Although this post is a little a week late, I still wanted to write a quick little post about The Christmas Walk. This happens every year in my town to start the holiday season. It’s kicked off on Friday night by a giant Christmas tree lighting which pretty much everyone in town attends. There is live entertainment and fundraisers for some of the local non-profits. On Saturday morning, there is a dance show and concert at The Landing, and then Santa arrives from the harbor on a boat! It’s super fun especially for the younger kids who get to meet Santa and get their photo taken. This year is was special for me because in recent years I have been off at college during the Christmas Walk, and it was really nice to see the dance team that I used to be a part of, perform. I remember getting up early when I was younger and performing on that exact stage. After the morning full of entertainment, there is a parade through downtown and the shops open up for holiday events! Many have holiday treats, wine tastings, and holiday sales!

Little traditions like these are what keep the spirit alive and brings small communities like mine, closer together.

Does your town have any fun traditions?

We met Frosty and Rudolph, so we HAD to take a picture!

We met Frosty and Rudolph, so we HAD to take a picture!

Emily Riane



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