Three Sleeps till Christmas?!

Christmas has pretty much come out of nowhere. This is the first year that I don’t have a Christmas break to look forward to because I’m not in school so the holidays just sort of blend in with my regular schedule. The weather in Boston is far from typical December weather- there’s no snow. Lately I have barely had any time to relax and watch my favorite Christmas movies. Since Christmas is only three days away, which is crazy, here are a few things that you can do if you’re like me and aren’t totally in the holiday spirit yet.


Get cozy and watch holiday movies // Get into your favorite pjs, pop some popcorn, and make hot cocoa. You can make it even more festive by turning it into peppermint hot cocoa! I found this super easy recipe on Pinterest that takes about 10 minutes. There are holiday movies playing on pretty much every channel this time of year as well as on Netflix/other streaming services. A little bit of comfort and holiday cheer can go a long way!

Hang lights around your house // I love Christmas lights. I actually have icicle ones hanging in my room year round as a sort of night light, but around the holidays I add a couple more strands to brighten up the room! It’s comforting to have bright lights twinkling around the house to get you into the holiday spirit.

Bake holiday treats // This is another thing that was on my Holiday Cheer List that I think everyone should do. It’s so fun to pick out seasonal recipes and test them out! Even if the recipe completely fails, the experience is still great! I have recipes pinned on my Christmas board and my Recipe board on Pinterest!

Donate to Charity // This year I helped out a local charity by sponsoring a child in need by buying her Christmas gifts, both needs and wants, and filled a stocking with them. Seeing a community come together to help local children during the holiday season got me excited for the holidays. Many local organizations hold fundraisers this time of year so it’s totally worth it to reach out to local organizations or churches to see how you can get involved this holiday season!

Do something that makes you happy // The holidays are so much more than Santa, gifts, and lots of food. The most important thing to remember (from a non-religious standpoint) is that this is the time of year to surround yourself with happiness whether that be family, friends, relaxation…. the list goes on. Reflect on the year that has passed and all of the positives in your life that you will carry with you into the New Year.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Emily Riane