To kick off my 2016 year of blogging, I have linked up with some wonderful bloggers to create #NewYearNewGirl. The wonderful Ashley of Lilly & Lemons put this together (thanks, Ashley!)

With 2015 behind us and 2016 a blank story for us to write, I think it’s only right to think up some things I would like to accomplish. I’m similar to many people as I am not one to create resolutions because I don’t think I’m broken and I don’t think I need to fix myself. There are definitely aspects of my life that need to be improved but that is what growing up is supposed to teach you. Along with my 101 in 1001 goals list, I have a few things I want to focus on in 2016.

Take Better Care of Myself // This is something I really need to focus on. Everything from simply flossing my teeth more to relaxing more and putting myself first. Being in the real world is much different from being a student and my priorities have shifted as I’m getting older. This year I want to make myself, my health, and my happiness my number one priority.

Write More Often // I love writing whether it’s blogging, writing down general thoughts, or reflecting on my day. I want to spend more time on this so that I can grow as a blogger and a writer.

Take More Chances // I am generally an outgoing person but things in life can get overwhelming causing me to be slightly more closed-off. I want to take more chances and risks, living my life in a more spontaneous way. I have so much freedom and so much time that I should start putting more emphasis on embracing everything in life.

Although this list is short, I still hope to get the most out of 2016. I am extremely excited to start this New Year surrounded by my loved ones and with so much to look forward to.

New Years 2016 #NewYearNewGirl

   Happy New Year! Cheers to 2016!

Emily Riane

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