I have been falling so behind on blogging… and by so behind I mean I haven’t blogged in nearly two weeks so I’m slightly disappointed with myself. But I promise both to myself and to you to be back as much as possible!

During part of my mini/accidental blogging hiatus, I spent a weekend in Maine with my boyfriend and his family. They are big skiers/snowboarders so they usually spend a lot of time in Maine during the Winter. I have never been skiing or snowboarding in my entire life and I haven’t been brave enough to start- maybe someday. While they were out on the mountain, I relaxed, watched Netflix, and enjoyed having zero responsibilities. I think the weekend was exactly what I needed to get time away from my semi-stressful life, unwind and clear my head.

I still did have one very non-relaxing moment over the weekend. Jack and I went snow-shoeing up what I would consider a small mountain… It took me two tries to make it to the top but once I did I felt proud of myself despite the life-risking steps we took. Once we made it safely to the bottom, Jack finally admitted that it was definitely not as safe as he had made it out to be. Although in hindsight it wasn’t a very safe adventure, it was worth it for all of the lessons learned along the way. I had to push myself but it was worth it because it was a fun experience.

Maine EmilyRiane reflections


It’s amazing how big the small moments can feel and how much of an impact they can have on your life. This small weekend getaway filled with relaxation, adventures, and love, made such a huge impact on me. I feel less stressed and definitely more refreshed. I think every once in a while we all need to take time, however much, to focus on ourselves and essentially re-boot our systems.

Now that I have taken some time off, I feel ready to conquer what life decides to throw my way.

Emily Riane

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