So this is a little bit out of my typical blogging style, but this is a topic that hits close to home. Some of you may have seen the latest viral video about Greek life, featuring Alex Purdy, a Syracuse University student who deactivated from her Sorority. Purdy joined a sorority for all the right reasons, and I feel as if she deactivated for the right reasons too.

As a proud sorority woman, I know the importance of feeling of belonging in your organization. I was lucky enough to join an organization that was generally accepting of all sisters no matter what, had great aims and gave me a loving home away from home. The truth is that sororities and fraternities vary from chapter to chapter. Meaning that my chapter can be fun and all-inclusive while another chapter may be the opposite. This shouldn’t reflect on the national chapter or Greek life as a whole but unfortunately this has recently been the case. It saddens me to hear that the chapter Purdy was a part of for her short time was so judgmental and cruel- so much that it made her deactivate. In my opinion that is everything that exemplifies what a sorority woman should not be. That’s not to say that all Syracuse organizations are like this or that even every woman in that chapter shares the same personality. Purdy also states that she is not making this video in spite but rather she hopes it can inspire people to make a positive change.

Purdy suggests that we should “help to inspire others to bring sororities back to their roots,” and I could not agree more. Sororities are about sisterhood, bonding with others who uphold the same values, and doing good not only for yourself but for the world around you. She even created a hashtag, #sororityrevamp, to help inspire us sorority women to remember where we came from to rebuild the strong bonds and recharge the values that our organizations were created for. I know that I joined a sorority to grow as an individual but also to be a part of something great.

We also need to remember that media outlets tend to focus only on the bad that comes out of Greek Life. There is so much good being done on small and large scales which is even recognized in this video. Greeks not only spend time doing philanthropy, but they also are statistically proven to have above average GPAs, and are involved in a wide range of campus activities. If we spend more time focusing on the good being done, the roots from which we have grown from, and how great Greek life is, I think there can be a major change in the way society views Greek Life as a whole. We should use Purdy’s openness to move in a positive direction that can better the future of Greek Life.

View the whole video below, and don’t forget to use #sororityrevamp to share how you will make a change.

Emily Riane

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