Warby Parker Spring 2016 x Emily Riane

Warby Parker

Spring is (almost) in the air and with Spring comes new trends and new collections from my favorite brands. One collection in particular that has caught my attention is the Spring 2016 Collection from Warby Parker. Warby Parker has combined their classic silhouettes with new lens shapes and added tons of bright, fun colors for an incredible new look! I am obsessed with all of the glasses and the sunnies, they are all so adorable and unique- I would like one pair of each, please!Warby Parker Spring 2016 x Emily Riane

Laurel // I love the Laurel frames! I picked them as a favorite for both glasses and sunnies. I love the color of this frame- it’s peacock green so you’ll stand out while staying chic.

Oliver // Oliver is one of my favorites because it is more of a traditional frame, but still holds true to the unique Warby Parker style. The maraschino color is such a nice shade of red it will add a fresh pop of color to your personal style.

Haskell // In my opinion, the Haskell is like a window of opportunity. The frame itself is crystal clear, but there’s an accent color around the inside of the rim. You have a choice of Blue Jay (pictured above & my personal favorite), Maple, or Manzanita- all of which add a bright twist to the simple frame! This is a great frame for people who like to keep it simple, while also letting their personality peek through!

Burroughs // Burroughs is the brightest frame and I absolutely love it. It’s chic- a word I love to use while describing ALL Warby Parker frames, unique, and bright! There’s no way someone wouldn’t be happy wearing these frames because the color just screams happiness.

Warby Parker Spring 2016

Piper // The Piper frames are so cute because they come in a traditional look, but along the bottom of the frame they have a pop of peony. One of my favorite new additions to the sunglasses collection is the crystal embeds on the bottom of the frames. It adds a unique twist to an already fun look! Plus, who doesn’t love this perfect shade of peony?

Laurel // As I mentioned before, I am obsessed with the shape of the Laurel frames. There’s no doubt I would wear them as glasses and sunglasses-they’re absolutely perfect! The Laurel sunglasses pictured come in a bright Bellini color that’s perfect for Spring, but it’s such a unique color I would rock it year round. Laurel also comes in Sassafras, a black/tan pattern, which is a more basic version of these frames.

Downing // Downing is definitely one of my favorites, though I’m still having such a hard time picking absolute favorites! I love the classic tones as well as the slight key-hole cut out on the bridge. These are perfect for every day sunglasses since they will match great with any outfit.

Haskell // Similar to the Downing frames, these have a slight key hole cut out on the bridge which I love. I also like the traditional colors that have been pulled together in a unique pattern. The colors of these are Pearl Horn with Toffee- the name of the colors make me love these frames even more!

I truly love everything about the new Spring Collection. The frames are classic Warby Parker with fun twists that are perfect to show off in the Spring. I love that there’s a mix of bright colors with classic tones, it allows us to be unique and fun with our eye wear. I love having fun with accessories and glasses are definitely no exception. What are your favorites from the Spring Collection?

Emily Riane