Yesterday kicked off the start of National Sleep Awareness Week so I have teamed up with Crane and Canopy to promote the importance of a good night’s sleep. This week is dedicated to bringing awareness to the lack of sleep many people suffer from. According to research, 35% of Americans don’t get a good night’s sleep. That may not sound like a lot but in reality that’s a little more than a third of our population- which really is a lot. Getting enough sleep is important to your health and over all well-being. When trying to fall asleep comfortably, a positive environment  is highly important. Having a comfortable bed, sheets, blankets, and even some calming aromatherapy are all helpful in ensuring you will sleep well.


Crane and Canopy is a company which strives to make sure that everyone can get the best sleep possible. A company that started in 2012 only selling duvet covers, has bloomed into a company that sells everything you need to have the best night’s sleep. Their bedding is not only adorable, but insanely soft and comfortable! They use classic colors and patterns to bring comfort and serenity to your bedroom. Here are my favorites from their collection, that I would absolutely love to have in my bedroom! I love coral and blue and I think they are perfect colors for a bedroom. However I also love number two, The Page Yellow. I think the bright yellow duvet cover adds some brightness and happiness to the room.

Crane & Canopy Emily Riane

  1. The Cora Green // 2. The Page Yellow // 3. The Webster Sky Blue // 4. The Pacific Coral 

Crane & Canopy also has a Lavender Shop in which they sell aroma therapy sprays and sachets that smell of calming scents to help you sleep better. Lavender is proven to help with headaches, focus, and relaxation- especially at night time! Although lavender is soothing and smells heavenly, adding another scent makes it smell even better. They do offer a simple lavender scent, as well as lavender with lemon, almond, lemongrass & sage, pomegranate, rose, and vanilla. I can’t decide which one I want, so I may have to get a couple! The sprays are only $8 and it’s definitely worth it!


With the right bedding and a little bit of aromatherapy, a good night’s sleep is so easily attainable! What are your favorites from Crane and Canopy?

Emily Riane


P.S. Crane and Canopy has a helpful video on how to fold a fitted sheet and I personally feel like it just changed my life forever as I have never been able to successfully do it… so you should check it out!

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