A fellow blogger that I follow, Holly Sutton of A Branch of Holly, recently tweeted something that resonated with me. To shorten her 140 characters even more- Where did the authenticity of blogging go?

Holly Sutton A Branch of Holly Authenticity Tweet

Recently we stopped sharing personal posts & instead started sharing things we thought we should blog about. I want to change that. Do you?

The reason I think this is so important, is because lately I have sort of strayed from my blogging path. I have been working with a lot of brands lately- Crane & Canopy, Warby Parker, Casetify, and I have sort of been dedicating my blog to sponsored posts rather than content that comes from my heart. While I do love working with brands, I feel as if I am doing this because that is the type of content I think people want to read. In my mind it’s sort of like “Who cares about what I have to say when they could be learning about cool new products or getting a discount?” But, then I realized that I didn’t start doing sponsored posts until recently. So anyone who was reading my blog was actually here for my blog, my content, my words. Some of those authentic posts have received more views than the sponsored posts, even though with the sponsored posts I am still sharing my thoughts, just in a different way.

I think that a lot of bloggers may feel the same way that I do. If we love blogging enough we should be able to make a career off of it or at least monetize it a little bit. Though making money is important for anyone no matter what you’re doing, is that the real reason we started blogging? Maybe it is and if that’s the case then you do you. For me, I love writing, connecting with people, and sharing things that I love in hopes that I can inspire others. The connections that I have made through blogging are more important to me than the income blogging has the potential to create.

I think Holly hit the nail on the head with her tweet, and I really do hope to change this and that other bloggers will join me. I hope that as bloggers we can change the way that this is going. We don’t all need to be making millions on our posts- though I’m sure we wouldn’t hate it if we did. I love being an influencer in the blogging and marketing world, however, that’s not why I originally started blogging and I think I need to get back to the reasons why I did.

I will definitely continue to do sponsored posts and posts about brands that I love. I don’t want to lose sight of why I created this blog in the first place, so I will also be creating content that I find inspiring & interesting, and content that is original.

So, do you want to change this as much as Holly and I do?

Emily Riane

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