My sense of style is typically very simple. If I could I would pair leggings with over sized t-shirts every day of my life just for comfort purposes. Obviously, I cannot do that because that’s one of the most unprofessional and lazy ensembles anyone could wear….

Since starting my blog and working in the real world, I have developed a better sense of personal style which I tend to show off on my Instagram. I recently decided that I want to start photographing my outfits and try out style blogging. It is definitely not an easy thing to do! I am lucky that my boyfriend, Jack, is willing to be my photographer; here are a couple snapshots from my first attempts. Hopefully there will be more to come!


Bailey likes to be the center of attention…always!



As you can tell from these two outfits, I wasn’t lying- I am very simple though I hope to branch out and post more style posts as my style evolves! In the top outfit I’m wearing white skinny jeans, a pop over blouse from LOFT, Lucky Brand booties, and a monogrammed bag from Marley Lilly. In the bottom outfit I am wearing H&M super skinny jeans, an H&M basic top, an over sized sweater from Target, and white converse.

Emily Riane


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