Juice Press VIP Grand Opening

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a VIP grand opening of Juice Press at The Street in Chestnut Hill. Juice Press is a New York based company, which is now expanding to Boston, and I couldn’t be happier! The two current locations are this one is Chestnut Hill as well as one that will be opening soon in Back Bay. This event was very special because the founder of the company, Marcus Antebi was at the event last night and he told us all about his story, all about Juice Press, and he welcomed us with open arms to try all of his wonderful products. I tried many juice samples, coffee, salad, snacks, desserts… everything. He told us that his team is currently testing out chocolate covered everything, so of course I sampled some chocolate covered mango, banana, and strawberries! All of the food and drink at Juice Press is certified organic so although I indulged and tasted almost everything, I don’t feel all too guilty about it.

A highlight of the night was definitely making my own Acai Bowl. I had never had one before and always wanted one, so it was fun to make my own! They even set up a little photo station so that all of us bloggers could take the perfect snaps of our masterpieces.

Juice Press

Juice Press Marcus Antebi
Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi
Juice Press
My goodies from the end of the night! I definitely ate some of my cookies on the ride home, haha!

Juice Press Juice Press Juice Press Juice Press

Juice Press

It’s always fun to try new things, and get together with fellow Boston Bloggers. Thank you Juice Press for a wonderful evening!

Emily Riane