Here’s my round-up of things that i’m loving this week!

New Sandals // I have always been a Jack Rogers girl when it came to sandals- by the way they’re on sale this weekend! But lately I decided that I wanted to switch things up. I ordered a couple pairs of Steve Madden sandals online, and I absolutely love them! They’re both strappy, brown, sandals, but they both have slightly different looks to them. They’re super comfortable and perfect for the warm weather we’ve been having! Shop my favorite Jack Rogers picks, as well as Steve Madden, below! I’ve highlighted some of my favorite Jack Rogers Styles, but click here for my ultimate favorite!

Victoria’s Secret Swim Sale // If you haven’t heard the latest news, VS is going to discontinue their swim line as well as their clothing line, basically everything except bras, panties, and lingerie. I have always loved VS, especially the swimwear line so when I heard this, I immediately went to online shop. I truly wish that I could buy one of everything in every color (dream big!) but unfortunately I couldn’t. I did pick up a two bikinis at just $45, so you should definitely shop the sale! 

The Bachelorette // I never jumped on The Bachelor bandwagon, but for some reason this week I decided that I wanted to tune in. I had heard so much about JoJo and her heartbreak on the last season of The Bachelor that I felt I had to watch her finally find love. I am definitely one who gets emotionally invested in TV shows and feels personally victimized when something bad happens to my favorite character; I also get way too into reality TV… I’m not proud of this, but it happens.

So, I basically am already obsessed with this season of The Bachelorette. I will be tuning in every week and live tweeting the episode much like I did last week. All while I am rooting for JoJo to find her Prince Charming.

Happy Friday, and Cheers to the long weekend!

Emily Riane




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