Best of the East Coast: Marblehead MA

Happy Friday! I have teamed up with some awesome bloggers from all over the East Coast, to put together a “Best of the East Coast” collab. Savannah from The Always Blog was the mastermind behind this one! It’s so fun to see where other bloggers live, and to discover new places. If you ever want to take a road trip on the East Coast, I think we’ve got enough places in this link-up for you to have an action packed trip! {You can see all of the posts at the bottom of this post}

As I’ve blogged about before, and Instagrammed about daily, I grew up in a small coastal town North of Boston, called Marblehead. Marblehead (MHD) is a small town, and half of it is essentially an island. I say essentially because we do have a causeway that connects the “island” aka The Neck, to the rest of the town. Our lighthouse is out there, as well as Castle Rock, so it’s always super nice to walk out there or drive out there and enjoy the sights for a little while!

MHD was founded in 1649, so there is a lot of history here. We have museums, old mansions, war attractions, old forts, and even historical houses. Throughout town there are signs on a lot of houses, mainly in Old Town (our historic district), giving a brief little history of the people who originally lived there. It’s pretty awesome growing up with all of this history around. When kids are in school, they always have a lot of history field trips, simply because it’s literally right in our back yard!

Aside from it’s extensive history, Marblehead is flat out gorgeous. It is surrounded by the ocean, which makes for beautiful scenery. We also have the small downtown area (Old Town) that has shops, boutiques, restaurants, and is right on the harbor. We are also right next to Salem, which of course is known for the Witch Trials, and definitely has tons of attractions and history.

My favorite restaurants in town are all of the special little places, such as Shubie’s, The Driftwood, The Landing, and Lime Rickey’s. They’re all restaurants that are unique to our town, and are definitely my top places to grab a meal in town!

The summer is a great time to visit because of the beaches, arts festivals, and our fireworks celebration is one of the best- seriously it’s talked about the entire year leading up to it. If you’re looking for a fun town to visit this summer, Marblehead should definitely be on your list.

Honestly, I could go on and on about this town, but I will just let these pictures do the talking! p.s. Marblehead looks perfect during every season- not to brag or anything…


The structure behind us is the lighthouse! It’s unique to say the least!
The houses are all so cute in Old Town. You can even see one of the historic signs on the house!
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This is Washington Street in Old Town on a rainy day!
Sometimes, people like to poke fun at the history of MHD
You can hear the bell on Abbott Hall all around town!
The harbor looking across to The Neck
The sunsets here are absolutely gorgeous!
Devereux Beach after a winter storm
Washington Street in a snow storm!
At low tide, you can actually walk out to that little island! It’s called Brown’s Island
Redd’s Pond named after Wilmot Redd. Old Burial Hill is right behind it. That’s the cemetery from Hocus Pocus!
Gorgeous harbor views
Calm day in the harbor


If you have any questions about Marblehead or the area, feel free to comment below or send me an email!

Emily Riane


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