A few months before I met my boyfriend Jack, he adopted a puppy from the Northeast Animal Shelter. The puppy that he adopted, Bailey, is one of the cutest little pups I’ve ever seen. I may be a little swayed on that opinion since she is Jack’s… but she’s pretty damn cute. Bailey was one of seven of a litter that came from West Virginia. One of the other adoptive dog parents decided to reach out and try to get the puppies back together again, and so we had a puppy play date.

Bailey was reunited with one of her brothers, Melvin, and one of her sisters, Indiana. If you ask me, they look pretty happy to be with one another! How crazy is it how similar yet unique they all are?!


Bailey, Melvin, Indiana (Photo Credit Ruff Life Photography)


Indiana and Bailey (Photo Credit Ruff Life Photography)


Bailey and Melvin (Photo Credit Ruff Life Photography)


Melvin, Indiana, Bailey (Photo Credit Ruff Life Photography)


Bailey was absolutely exhausted after her play date!

Unfortunately, not everyone responded, but hopefully we can try again soon! Ryan has a website dedicated to Boston Rescue Dog photography, which you can check out here. Also remember that adopting a dog, or any animal, is such an amazing thing!

To see more pictures of Bailey, follow me on Instagram! If we get the puppies together again, I will definitely post more pictures!

Happy Friday!

Emily Riane

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