So, what happened to my Blogtember Challenge? I know, I know, the whole point of the Blogtember Challenge is to write one post every day. I’ve been so bad about it, even though I was really excited to partake this year. September has been an interesting month for me, so I haven’t been as back into my blog as I originally said I would be. This means I am doing another catch-up of the past weeks blogtember challenge prompts!

September 12th // Three Books! blogtember challenge aliza licht leave your mark

Just Read: Leave Your Mark / Aliza Licht... I continuously read this book right now, mostly because I’m in such a state of transition, I need the daily inspo!
Currently Reading: The Gifts of Imperfection / Brené Brown… I’m only a couple chapters in but I already love this book!
Want to Read: How to be Parisian Wherever You Are… I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book, so it’s definitely on my list!

September 13 // If I could Switch Lives with Someone for a Day Who Would it Be?

This is such a hard question, and I really don’t know right now…. Maybe Aliza Licht, Lauren Conrad, or Kendall Jenner. Aliza is an obvious reason-she rocks the PR world! Kendall and Lauren are two inspiring women who worked really hard to get to where they are and continue to be on top in their industry. Being them for a day would be absolutely amazing!

September 14 // Make a Mood Board

I’ve recently been obsessing over on my Pinterest! I made an Autumn board this week and I’m really loving it! Autumn is pretty much my favorite time of the year, so this board is definitely my current ~mood~.blogtember challengeSeptember 15 // The Craziest Adventure I’ve Ever Been On 

I think when I took a road trip with Jack to Virginia! Probably not the craziest but definitely the best adventure I’ve ever been on!

September 16 // How to I De-Stress & Take Care of Myself

One of my first blog posts was actually about how to unwind. In addition to that, I’ve also started coloring, taking photos, and listening to music; it all helps me out when I’m stressed. One way I take care of myself is by walking, resting, and treating myself. I’ve been getting my nails done to treat myself after a long week!

September 17 // Vlogging Day… I missed this day (obviously), so if you want to see videos of my life, add me on snapchat! @emriane blogtember challenge

September 18 // One Product that Simplified my Life 

My Simplified Planner by Emily Ley! I’ve always had a planner, but this one plans my life hour by hour, and it’s extremely helpful for busy days!

The blogtember challenge is coming to an end now, and I really do hope to post one post every day for the rest of the month! This blog post is slightly all over the place, but getting everything in one post is a challenge in itself! Thanks for following along so far everyone!

Emily Riane

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