Fall/Autumn is seriously the best, as you can tell by my last post and a post I wrote about a year ago. This time of the year makes me extremely happy. Plus it’s leading up to the holiday season which is also a favorite part of the year! In this post, I’m writing about Fall fashion, food, and fun… Enjoy!

Favorite Fall Recipe | In the blogtember challenge, the prompt was to share a family recipe. While we do have a couple, I don’t actually know them. So, I will post some links to my pinterest boards! For Autumn recipes click here, and for general yummy recipes click here! 

Outfit Inspiration from Another Blogger | When I highlighted who my favorite Instagram accounts were, I mentioned Kendall Kremer of Styled Snapshots. She recently posted an outfit that was absolutely perfect for Fall, and as much as i’d love to recreate it, I don’t have every piece of her outfit! Here is her outfit, and you can shop a similar look below!

kendall kremer fun

Review Something | I am obsessed with candles, especially the seasonal scents from Bath & Body Works. My current favorite is Autumn, I was so happy when I discovered that they had it this year! If you like seasonal scents but don’t want something too sweet or pumpkin-y, check out the Autumn scent!fun autumn candle

Something that Moved Me Recently |  I am inspired by the Facebook page Special Books by Special Kids. Chris travels around and interviews people who have disabilities. It’s truly inspiring to hear what some of these people have to say, a lot of which we wouldn’t hear if Chris didn’t give them an outlet to share their stories. I watch every single video! It’s funny, heart warming, and inspirational wrapped up into one.

Emily Riane


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