I cannot believe September is over! With the end of September brings the end of the Blogtember challenge, so this is my final blogtember post. I had a very long day yesterday so I will be sharing yesterday and today’s prompts together…My favorite bloggers and some life advice!


Five of my favorite bloggers | This was really tough, because I did already share some of my favorite Instagram accounts, and those are also some of my favorite bloggers. Here are 5 bloggers that I love!

Stephanie | Sense of Sunny Stephanie is my friend in real life, so of course I love her blog! Without her I would sometimes be lost when it comes to not only blogging, but also with my life. She’s beautiful on the inside and out, and is a wonderful blogger!

Liza | Liza Tait-Bailey  Liza is someone that I’ve followed for a while. Her content is from the heart which makes her a great blogger. She writes about life, advice, travel, and more. She travels a lot so her instagram is so fun to keep up with!

Chelsea | Chow Down USA Chelsea is another blogger that I’ve followed for a while. She always posts the cutest outfits on her blog, a lot of which inspire my outfits. Of course like her blog name says, she loves food! I love reading her restaurant reviews especially for local Boston places!

Kathryn | Mrs. On The Move I met Kathryn at one of my first Boston Blogger meet-ups! She moved to Chicago a couple months after we met, but of course I still keep up with her posts! Her style is so cute & chic, she definitely inspires some of my outfits. Also, her instagram feed is a favorite of mine!

Kristen | The Boston Fashionista How could you not love The Boston Fashionista?! Another blogger who’s style I am obsessed with. She also writes about New England living & travel. If you want a great blog filled with fashion and gorgeous pictures of New England, check out The Boston Fashionista!

Now, some final advice… The prompt here is that if I were stopped on the street by the photographer from Humans of New York, what advice would I give a large group of people?

My advice is simple, be kind. There is so much happening in the world right now on large scales and on smaller scales. It takes much more energy to be hurtful than it does to be a kind person, so just be kind. You truly never know what’s going on in a persons life, so your little act of kindness can mean the world to them. Your larger acts of kindness can change the world for everyone.

Emily Riane

p.s. Thank you Brave Love Blog for hosting the blogtember challenge! It was awesome to connect with people. It also inspired me to create not only a months worth of content, but more content to come.

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