It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these roundups. Now is a great time to get it back on the blog! My Currently Loving posts are the top things that are on my radar at the moment. I usually do 3 things, but since this post is a bit overdue, I’m doing 5! This week I’ll share some great music, comfy clothes, my current Netflix binge, and more!

currently loving

Woolly Threads | Ever since these sweaters came out, I knew I had to have one. When I went to the Forbes Under 30 Summit in October, the had special ones for the summit. Obviously, I bought one! I am basically living in this sweater (I’m wearing it as I’m writing this post) because it’s so comfortable! They have them for schools, organizations, plain colors, and they’re made in America! If you need to add a comfy pull over to your wardrobe, get a Woolly Threads sweater!

Petit Biscuit | I always use my Spotify account to listen to music. One day I came across Petit Biscuit and I haven’t stopped listening since. Petit Biscuit is a 16-year-old musician from France who creates indie/electronic music. I don’t normally listen to this type of music, but it’s too good not to listen to!

Micellar Water | About a year ago at a friend’s house, I was told not to use makeup wipes because they just move the makeup and dirt around your face and don’t actually clean your face. Honestly, that went right over my head and I continued to use my makeup remover. Then one day recently I decided to try Micellar water and I fell in love with it. It cleans, refreshes, and moisturizes my face all in one- I definitely recommend it!

Bralettes | If you’re like me, then you live for sweater weather. Over-sized sweaters are a staple of my cold weather wardrobe because I love being cozy and comfy. Now that bralettes are becoming popular¬†again, I decided to try them out. I was very hesitant, but they’re extremely comfortable and are perfect for wearing under an over-sized sweater!

Supernatural | Jack got me into Supernatural a few months back, and I even mentioned it on my Currently in September post. I can’t stop watching! Whenever I have a chance, even if it’s just an hour before bed, I am watching Supernatural. Jack is also about 6 seasons ahead of me, so there’s a bit of pressure to catch up!

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