2017 resolutions

Happy New Year! 2016 flew by so fast I’m still in shock that it’s already January 2017. I make resolutions every year and much like everyone else, I sometimes struggle to keep up with them. Throughout the year I will occasionally make new goals lists, and of course I have my ongoing 101 in 1001 list. For 2017 I’ve made some great resolutions that I can continue to check and keep up with throughout the year.

Do More of What Makes Me Happy¬†| Something I’ve always done a lot of is put other people first which is great, but that usually means I disregard what I truly want. I hate disappointing people but sometimes I end up disappointing myself. To accomplish this I hope to put myself first, go on more adventures, do more of what I want to do, and choose happiness.

Get 10k Steps Per Day & Focus On My Health | Forever a “resolution” but also just something I think about everyday. I’m guilty of choosing unhealthy choices over healthy choices more often than I should which is something I really want to change. I use my Fitbit to track my steps and I haven’t worn it in a while; that changes today! Getting 10k steps per day is so simple so it’s really something I want to maintain this year (and forever).

Travel More | I’m going to be heading to Virginia¬†a lot in 2017, but I’d love to travel to other places. I want to go on more weekend trips to cities like Austin, Nashville, Chicago, and New York!

Use My Phone Less | Ever since I discovered that you can see how much time per day / per week you spend on each app, I realized I spend way too much time on my phone. It’s so hard not to since everything we need is accessible on our phones. I want to cut out some of that phone time which I may be able to do by focusing on my other resolutions like reading more and working out more!

Read More | I always say I want to read more, it’s even a long term goal of mine to read 50 new books for my 101 list. I’ve been slacking so hard, but I think I will be able to accomplish a chunk of those 50 in 2017! If you want to check out what I’m reading, follow me on Good Reads.

Accomplish 75/101 on my 101 in 1001 List | My 101 in 1001 list ends July 3, 2018, so I want to get as close to finished as possible in 2017. That way I will only have a handful left to finish in 2018!

So many great things have already began happening for me in 2017 and we’re only on day 1. My overall hope for 2017 is to be happy and healthy; I wish the same for all of you!

What are your 2017 resolutions?

Emily Riane

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