Happy February! I’ve been a little MIA for about a month now, but I’m back! I thought blogging would be the one constant thing in my life, but as it turns out, there’s been a lot of unexpected changes. They haven’t all been bad, in fact, most of them have been great – but that’s another story. I do want to share with you my latest ‘Currently Loving’ list as a little peek at what I’ve been up to!

currently loving

Neutrals | I’ve always been the girl with bright pink everything. While I’m not letting go of that, I seem to be incorporating a lot more neutrals into my wardrobe. Last week I went to Primark and only bought neutrals. It’s easy to buy something so simple and make it your own. I’m always experimenting with style and neutrals are easy to play around with!

Girl Boss Radio | I usually listen to music on my commute but I tend to listen to the same few playlists on repeat and I was getting tired of that. I wanted something new in the mornings so I decided to take a look at my podcasts. I’ve had podcasts sitting for a while on my phone and I decided to actually start listening to them; I’ve started Girl Boss Radio with Sophia Amoruso. I love Sophia Amoruso and I had listened to a couple of her podcasts in the past. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been starting every day with a Girl Boss podcast, which kicks off my day with tons of #GirlBoss inspiration!

The Skimm | Another thing I’ve always liked, but I’ve been more into recently. I subscribed back in college but I had a bad habit of letting the emails sit in my inbox. I heard the co-founders speak at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in 2016 – they’re truly inspiring! ¬†With so much happening in the world right now, I’ve made it a habit to read The Skimm every morning. It’s the best when I’m on the train to work and everyone else around me is reading The Skimm, too! To subscribe, click here

Boston | Of course Boston is always on my radar… I live / work / play in Boston. Now that I commute to work I get to soak in the beauty of the city. I find myself taking photos of random things I see on my walk to work. It shows me that there is beauty in everything and I love taking a moment to enjoy it before heading into the office!

currently loving currently loving

Bonus: The Patriots | How could you not love them?! I did watch the entire Super Bowl this year, except for the half time show (confession: I was napping with my puppy.) At one point, I thought my boyfriend was broken, but then the comeback happened and we won! So glad to be from New England this week (and always!)

Emily Riane

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