101 in 1001

Check In | 101 in 1001

I’m officially past the halfway point in first my 101 in 1001 journey. Time has been flying by, and I didn’t even realize how far along I was in my challenge. I really need to start making more progress on this list! So far, I’ve completed 25/101 things on my list. I’ve made a lot of progress on many and I’m super close to finishing more of them!

101 in 1001

Here’s what I’ve completed so far:


  • Actually come up with 101 things…
  •  Get a drivers license
  •  Invest in a Kate Spade purse- Turns out I didn’t have to (but would still like to!) Jack got me one for my 22nd birthday & my 23rd!
  • Wake up at 6:30 every day for two weeks
  • Go to sleep before 11 every day for two weeks
  • Cook for a holiday dinner
  • Purchase a new laptop of my choice
  • Try 10 new restaurants- 10+ STILL COUNTING! Casa Corona (Marblehead, MA), Toscano (Harvard Square, MA), Howling Wolf (Salem, MA), Cho Sun Sushi Restaurant (Newry, ME), Antique Table (Swampscott, MA), Caffe Italia (Marblehead, MA), Granary Tavern (Boston, MA), Jacks Wife Freda (NYC), 12 Chairs Cafe (NYC), Rockefeller Center Cafe (NYC), Soall Bistro (Marblehead, MA), Salem Beer Works (Salem, MA), Tatte Bakery (Brookline, MA), Mission (Washington, DC), Ted’s Bulletin (Washington, DC), Policy (Washington, DC), Verts (Boston, MA), Barcelona (Boston, MA), Les Zygomates (Boston, MA), Paradiso Ristorante (Swampscott, MA)
  • Attend a fashion show I was actually in a fashion show! I still hope to attend another one, in the audience!
  • Vote in an election
  • Treat myself to a mani-pedi


  • Design my own blog layout for my personal brand  Personalized my blog and created a logo! 
  • Host a giveaway with other bloggers
  • Get my first “real” job
  • Attend a conference or a lecture series – Forbes Under 30 Summit, October 16-19, 2016 (Boston)
  • Take a workshop to better my passions (blogging, career, writing, etc.) I took 2 online certification programs for my career!
  • Create business cards

Doing Good:

  • Start recycling at home


  • Attend Alumni Weekend at Roanoke


  • Learn how to golf
  • Attend a Red Sox game


  • Invest in a fitbit


  • Go to New York City for a weekend My Weekend in NYC Recap, here! 
  • Go to a vineyard for a wine tasting
  • Go on a road trip

While I still have a lot to complete, I am definitely proud of how many of the little things I’ve accomplished so far. I’m looking forward to completing the rest of my list and starting a new 101 in 1001 list in 2018!

Emily Riane