I’ve been a blogger for nearly two years now and I’ve been on social media for about 10. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been using social media for so long. I got an Instagram in college and I’ve  been obsessed ever since. For most of my time on Instagram, my profile was private but once I started blogging I made it public. I debated for a while if I should create an entirely new Instagram specifically for my blog, but in the end I decided on keeping my personal Instagram and adding in my blog content.

There is a debate of sorts among many bloggers as to whether or not you should have two separate accounts. Some feel strongly that their account is strictly “business” and one is personal. Here are a couple reasons why I did make that final decision to only have one account.

#Unfiltered But Actually Filtered | By combining the two types of accounts, I can be ‘unfiltered’ with the content that I post. Many of my posts are for my blog but others are personal posts featuring my friends, family, and day to day adventures.

Not All Of My Followers Are Strangers | The reason that I know so many of my followers in real life is because this is my only account. I had it long before becoming a blogger so for the longest time my engagement on the app was only with friends. I like that I can share personal content and blog content, and still get genuine interactions rather than only random likes and comments.

More Authentically Build Friendships | It’s important that I don’t lose sight of who I am and that I stay authentic on social media. For the people I have met through Instagram, they see more than just my #ootd post or latest sponsored content. They get to see actual photos of my life. This shows a real side of me that helps me build more authentic friendships with other bloggers. There’s only so much you can learn from someone when they post 1 outfit per day and nothing else – even though the outfits are always perfect!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s all that weird to have two separate accounts, it’s just not for me. I enjoy the genuine interactions, the freedom of posting what I want, and the relationships I have built from being myself on a “professional” Instagram account.

What do you think – do you keep your accounts separate?

Emily Riane

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