A Week in the Windy City

Over the past week, I accomplished so many things that made me proud of myself. I traveled to Chicago aka The Windy City (which definitely lives up to its name!), for the first time ever. As a part of my job, I plan trade shows which is a totally new area for me. But, with the guidance and help of my coworker, we executed an amazing show this past week! We also got to adventure around the city which was a great way to end our long days of work.

Not to talk too much about work, but it was great to be at the National Restaurant Association show. Although it was a 4 day long show, it was worth it. One of the most exciting features of the show was the World Culinary Showcase, featuring so many Food Network Stars. I actually got to meet Duff Goldman and was extremely (embarrassingly) starstruck.

Duff Goldman

When we weren’t working, we were being tourists and exploring Chicago. I ate so much amazing food, a lot of which I refused to even try until this week. Honestly, we ate so much great food I will be posting another Chicago post highlighting all of the food, so be on the lookout for that!

really wanted to see The Bean so when we went I was overly excited. Although the weather wasn’t great, it was still a busy night!

the beanthe beanThe Bean

We also went to the sky deck at Willis Tower, a 108-story high building, to stand on a glass floor – not an activity for those who are afraid of heights! The view was absolutely amazing, and it was oddly thrilling standing in the glass box off of the sky deck.

willis tower windy city willis tower windy cityWillis Tower Windy City

Chicago has always been on my list of cities to visit. Although it was a trip for work, it was a really fun week for me. Both personally and professionally, I definitely learned a lot in Chicago. I tackled a few fears, completed my successful first trade show with my company, got adventurous with food, and fell in love with a new city. I’m already looking forward to the next time I visit the Windy City!

Emily Riane

p.s. Chicago Food post coming soon!