Every year, at the end of the year, we all sit around and make resolutions. What are we going to accomplish this year to make ourselves better? Well, this year I decided I didn’t really want to set resolutions. But, I wanted to set daily reminders. Little things that I could think of or little actions I could do every day to improve my well being over time, rather than just working toward one end result (and usually being disappointed with my lack of progress).

I realize that we’re already months into the new year, but I wanted to share my daily reminders, in hopes that these little reminders may inspire you to feel better daily, even in the smallest of ways.

• be kind to myself

• stop comparing myself to others

• be stronger – physically, mentally, spiritually

• stop pleasing everyone, please myself first

• save more money

• drink more water

• go to bed earlier

• read 30 books

• eat mindfully – give my body what it needs

These are a mix of actual things to do, read more / drink more water / save more, and mental notes for myself – be kind / nourish my body / put myself first. None of these are habits that will be made over night, but over time, I know these little things will help me better myself inside and out.

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