Finding the perfect hair care product is tough, especially when everything is the *next best thing*.

Most of the time, we don’t even know what’s in our products or how a new product will feel in our hair. Will it be greasy? Will it be dry and give me split ends? Will it mend my existing split ends? Honestly, I never really know. So, when I discovered Formulate, I was excited, but the common questions ran through my mind – what will happen to my hair? ‘

Formulate‘s unique formula is created after you take a survey about your hair answering questions about your hair type, styling tools, length, hair goals, and your preferences such as scent.

Throughout the process, the Formulate team was extremely helpful and responsive to making sure I was getting my perfect formula, and getting the best results for my hair.

Although I answered a bunch of questions about my hair, it actually took two formulations to get mine perfect, which the Formulate team told me may happen. My first formula was okay, but it wasn’t the best – honestly it dried out my ends a bit, which I didn’t love. I also wasn’t in love with the scent that I chose. However, my second formulation was perfect. My main hair problems are frizziness, lack of volume, split ends, and dryness. So my formula was created with ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, sesame seed oil, vitamin e, and tangerine peel extract (for scent!) One thing I did learn quickly was that I needed to use half as many pumps as the bottle recommended, or else I did feel a bit oily from all of the natural oils in the product. The change to my formula really helped me hit my hair goals. Since Formulate is sulfate free and paraben free, it’s made with the best ingredients for my hair!

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